Can Gio Mangrove forest- The biosphere reserve and ecological tourist zone Vàm Sát, May 19th, 2007

A day for a trip going out the city to the suburb, Can Gio district. Many new things, new feelings, new interesting experiences….

Can Gio is a famous biosphere reserve with mangrove forest, and we have taken a tour around ecological toursim area Vam Sat. Its about 50km from Hồ Chí Minh city, and you have to cross a river on a ferry boat at Bình Khánh ferry. I always enjoy in crossing river by ferry, very cool with gentle breeze from the water.

After crossing the river, you will feel that you had let all the noise and animation of a big city behind you. Now, around you is a calm and peaceful view with large and fertile fields of rice, with lagoons for keeping lobsters and crabs.

Vàm Sát is a not only a ecological tourism but also a biosphere reserve area. It is not near the main road, you have to go more about twenty kilometers on the rough pathway with many pot-holes. Vàm Sát is a part of Cần Giờ district. Can Gio mangrove forest receives a great deal of silt and nutrients from the upper section and basins of rivers. Under the influence of the sea – the tide, Sac forest’s botanic system has been formed with an abundance of types and this is the supply of food and the sanctuary for aquatic organisms and on land vertebrate.

It seemed desolate here when we arrived. There were some tourists but we were served very well. Most the people working here are the local farmers, they take care the forest and profit from the forest, and with this tourist zone they become nice and pleasant tourist guides.



Unknown tree…!!!

The mangrove’ sprouts

Fishing the crocodiles

There is a farm raising about 40 crocodiles in Vam Sat. You can come here to have a look at their living environment and learn about their habit and method of food hunting. There is also a rather impressive game named “Traveling on a boat and fishing crocodiles”. A man helped us bait and hand over the fishing rod to us. We have to keep the fishing rod tightly and lift it when the crocodiles jump up from the water. It was very scary but also very funny. You will have change to scream freely and I think it will help you relaxing.


In the mangrove forest

Going through the forest is also interesting. You have to pass a one-tree bridge (below), and come in the forest. You will have change to have the mangroves in your own eyes, to hear the birdsongs and to see the monkeys hanging in the trees. A feeling of peace and ease in your soul will appear. All the anxious and tiredness of your daily life in a noisy and busy city seem be gone.



Seeing the varans


The swamp of the flying fox – Unable taking the photos of the flying fox, they are on the high trees, not easy to see.

Bat swamp is another place which worths visiting. This swamp is in a small islet, and you only can come there by a motor boat going along the Lò Rèn river. The banks of the river is the forest of mangrove and some time you can see the house of local residents. I found that the residents here meet many difficulties in traveling with their only waterway. By going in a small boat, we went around the swamp. The bats shelter in a dense and quiet area of mangrove forest located in the center of the Bat Swamp and surrounded by rivers, canals and shrimp ponds. They gather in only one side of the swamp, and they like the quiet, so you cannot use the motorboat in this swamp, the noise of the machine can disturb (agitate) the bat and they will leave the swamp and look for another place for living.


Confluence of Vàm Sát and Lò Rèn rivers. The Big mountain of Vũng Tàu province in the distance.

The lagoons for keeping lobsters and crabs

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