Ước mơ của Thúy


Nụ cười của Thúy – The sanguine smile of Thúy


Em viết ước mơ của em – “I have my little own dream”

Ước mơ ngàn hạc giấy

Ước mơ ngàn hạc giấy – The dream of thousand paper cranes


Khoa ung bướu Nhi – BVUB – Department of Pediatric Oncology – Cancer Hospital of Hồ Chí Minh city.

Vang trang yeu thuong

Vầng trăng yêu thương – The Moon of Love


Tủ sách “Quà tặng thời gian” – The bookshelf “The present of Time” for the children in Pediatric Oncology department.

***Thúy has gone on 2nd November 2007. Thousands of white rose for you!

3 comments on “Ước mơ của Thúy

  1. Hi,

    Fascinating story. I work in the oncology field in Australia. If I can be any helped. Please feel free to contact me.


  2. Hi Be
    Sorry for calling you like that.
    Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for your goodwill to help.
    But I’m really sorry to tell you that Thúy had gone in November 2nd, 2007.
    I didn’t write much in this entry about Thúy, but I think that You can understand the story about her.
    Thúy is a very young girl, about 20 years old. She got osteosarcoma, and in 4 years of battling, she expressed the braveness and become the example for other young people. By her entries in her blog telling about her stories, many people had read and encouraged her. In the final days of her life, Thúy had done many thing for cancer patients especially pediatric patients in my hospital with the help from many people. A campaign promoted by Thúy – Ước mơ của Thúy – The Dream of Thúy has drawn many young people take part and donate.
    After her death, the campaign is still kept maintaining and developing by other people. Now her blog becomes a place for volunteers meet and exchange informations. You can find more at Anna’s Blog: http://360.yahoo.com/profile-RMIcseYwdajt2_Mp3oS.K0o-?cq=1. (Sorry because this blog is in Vietnamese, but you can see many pictures there).
    I’m in internship in oncology. Now I work in Cancer Hospital at Ho CHi Minh city, Viet Nam. If you still intend to help, you can write back, I’ll be very please to help you to contact to my hospital authorities, for example my director or the Pediatric department’ s head doctor.
    Again, thank you for your goodwill.
    Your regards.
    PS: I can’t send email to you, I don’t understand Why. So I post reply here.

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